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ronald weasley
26 December 2020 @ 05:30 pm
What do you think of my Ron? Am I doing poorly or well and you want to let me know? Just a general question?

You can ask any and all things here!
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ronald weasley
21 May 2011 @ 07:30 pm
Blimey. Never thought this place could get more confusing than it already was.

Oy. Harry. Remember when you got that note from your er... future self, I guess? Seems I got one, too. Completely barmy if you ask me, but I found it in this journal and all.


Can anyone help me make out what it means? Doesn't seem the older me likes to make things sense for me or anything.

Guess some of it makes sense, yes, but er. Loads of others don't exactly. Like the first bit and the follow the spiders. I don't like spiders enough to look at them let alone follow 'em!
ronald weasley
 [Ron purposely turns  on the journal this time, fiddling with a radio before him that crackles unceremoniously.]

Going to the news today five more were found today. Their names we--

[Whatever their names were the listener wouldn't find out as he changed the channel with a frown. He turns his gaze to the journal.]

So, er... How would you lot go about finding someone that it wouldn't be easy to find?
[His voice sounds skeptical, but he shakes his head.]

I need to go back.
[There's an underlying tone, and he's mainly thinking about one thing which is why there's a surprising jolt when a voice echoes from nearby.]

[His breath hitched and he looked in the pocket that held a small, lighter like object and the voice continued.]
Remember Ron? When he broke his wand--
[Whatever was sending him the signal of the voice died out and he eyed the object.]


[Curiously he clicked it. In result the lights in his room went off, but another glowing light appeared outside the window. Holding the Deluminator in his hand his eyes, if possible, grew wider.]

...Can't be.
[He turns to the journal. Sighs, because DID YOU REALLY JUST RECORD ALL THAT. And slipping the deluminator away, he grabbed his prepared ruckshack.]
Guess that means me ride's here. Seems I didn't need to ask you lot to begin with.
[Shaking his head he picks up the journal and leaves the room. Unfortunately, the camera didn't shut off until the tiny ball of light crashed in his chest. Just as he turned and disappeared the video goes off.]
ronald weasley
 [Know what the best thing about the community is? Meeting your best friend early, of course! It took quite a bit of planning and it wasn't likely to be completely fullproof-- but somehow, in the end, Harry had gotten to come over to the Burrow for Ron's birthday. Which, for the now eleven year old, was probably the best birthday present his dad could have gotten him. Especially with the house as quiet and boring as it was without his five brothers around. Ginny was alright, sometimes, but it was more fun having a boy his age around. Right? Right.]

[Thus, Harry had somehow arrived from Surrey. With or without the Dursley's approval? Who knows. And as much as Molly would probably tried to kick a fit, it was another mouth to feed and by her standard he really needed it. At least, that's how the events would normally go, but Ron didn't care about all that as he led Harry up the several flights of stairs to his just below the attic room. Pushing open the door to the room only revealed the toad spawn in a fishtank, a messy floor, and the moving Chudley Cannons wallpaper that would never change. Toeing off his trainers Ron moved from the doorway.]

It's not much, but it's home.

[The slight embarrassment was there, always there, as he shrugged and jumped over to lay on his bed.]

Mum says she'll set up a camper for you. Suppose if you like you can take my bed. The camper hasn't actually been used in ages-- doubt it'll be very comfortable.